Filming in the Library

Please submit your request to film inside Orbach Library or Rivera Library at least two weeks in advance, to allow sufficient time for leadership to review your request.

You can expect a response from library staff within five business days.

  • When you arrive, let the Circulation / Reserves (front) desk staff know where you will be filming.
  • You must have explicit written permission to film any person inside the library, other than members of your cast. Always re-frame your shots as needed to protect the privacy of others.
  • Display signage where you are filming to indicate that a student film is in progress (without sticking tape to library furniture, walls, or fixtures).
  • Minimize disruptions to library patrons as much as possible.
    • Remember that this is a library and not a studio, so your crew must direct shots quietly.
    • Be respectful of patrons who are studying.
    • Choose less populated locations for filming.
    • Minimize the use of external lighting as much as possible when patrons are present.
  • No fake blood or weapons (real or fake) of any kind may be used inside the UCR Library.
  • Do not use any liquids/sprays, glitter, confetti, or other props in your film that could either damage library materials or leave a mess behind when you are finished shooting.
  • Any props you bring with you for the shoot must be taken with you when you leave. Never leave your props unattended.
  • There is no filming allowed in the Costo Reading Room or in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Let the library Circulation / Reserves (front) desk staff know when you have finished filming and are leaving.
  • If you post your film on social media, please tag us @ucrlibrary and use the hashtag #ucrlibrary.

If approved, we will get back to you within five business days and let library staff know that your group has permission to film on property.