You are responsible for all material checked out on your library account. You will be fined if material is overdue.

Library fees

UCR General material
After 21 days, you are billed a $100 replacement fee for each overdue item. Additionally,  your library privileges are suspended until your bill is settled.

UC Consortia material
Replacement fees for UC owned (non-UCR) materials are assessed by owning campus of the item and vary in cost.

Interlibrary loan material
Replacement fees for interlibrary loan material are the same as general material (see above).

Recalled material
Recalled status is when another user requests the item you have checked out. You will receive notice of this. Fines of $2 a day begin accruing one day after the adjusted due date.  

Course reserves and other hourly material 
Fines of $10 for any portion of each hour overdue begin accruing after the due time.

Pay your fines

UCR Library and interlibrary loan material
Fines are paid through a secured online portal. 

All payments which are returned or canceled by your bank or financial institution will result in the reactivation of all associated fines and fees on your account.

UC Consortia (non-UCR) material
Fines associated with UC owned materials are assessed by owning campus of the item. UC Faculty, Staff, and Students should contact the owning campus of the billed item for payment instructions. Item fees from other UC campuses may result in blocks to borrowing privileges until resolved.

UC Campus Library Contact
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Los Angeles
UC Merced
UC San Diego
UC San Fransisco UCSF Contact On-Line Form
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz


Account blocks

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for cardholders with fees totaling $20 or more, or with balances outstanding for 30 days or more. 

Appeal your bills

All appeals must be submitted online. 

Appeal requests will only be considered for unpaid fines and fees.  Appeal requests for previously paid fines and fees will not be considered and will be denied.

You are responsible for overdue materials even if you do not receive a notice.

Damaged items

You may be charged for materials returned in a damaged condition. The minimum charge for a damaged item is $15. If the item cannot be repaired, replacement fees will be assessed.

Lost or stolen material

Report lost or stolen items immediately to the library location that owns the item. Cases will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine fees.


For billing questions please contact library billing staff