African American Life & Culture
Print and electronic resources highlighting the pivotal sociological, literary, and artistic achievements of people of African descent in America.

Chicano/Latino Studies
Resources on Chicano/Latino ethnicity, gender and sexuality, demographics, migration and diaspora communities.

Children’s & Young Adult Literature
Featuring titles from more than fifty annual awards deemed of the most significance to K-12 teachers.

Chinese & Asian Studies
Extensive collections on the Greater China region, Japan, and Korea, focusing on literature and history.

Collection of Citrus Labels
Collection contains citrus crate labels (originals and reproductions) primarily from packing and shipping companies in Southern California with an emphasis on the Inland Empire region.

Dexter Thomas Jr. Collection of Japanese Hip Hop
This collection contains compact disc recordings, manga, magazines, and other materials pertaining to Japanese Hip Hop culture.

Greek Onomastics & Epigraphy
Print and online reference sources that enable the study of all known Greek personal names (onomastics) and inscriptions (epigraphy).

Higher Education Administration & Policy
A collection supporting the Graduate School of Education and the School of Public Administration and Policy.

History of Inland Southern California
Extensive collection of print and archival material that documents the rich cultural heritage of the communities that comprise Inland Southern California.

Latin American & Iberian Music
Scores, recordings, books, and periodicals on the musicology and ethnomusicology of these regions. Includes all available scores by and books about Joaquín Rodrigo.

Latin American & Iberian Studies
A depth of materials documenting Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Music Collections
Resources for the study of music and performance, including scores, recordings, media, books, and journals.

Native American Studies
Particular emphasis on California and the Southwest. Secondary and primary sources such as archival materials, pamphlets, audio recordings, slides, and art objects.

Photographic prints and negatives in many formats, archival collections on photography and photographers, reproductions, exhibition catalogs, and books and periodicals.

Professor Paul Chou Collection
This collection contains 2,455 volumes, collected by Paul Chou, on Chinese literature and history.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Speculative Fiction
The UCR Library houses one of the most extensive and comprehensive collections of science fiction, fantasy, horror, utopian, and speculative fiction in the world, centered around the Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Vietnam & Southeast Asian Studies
Resources covering the history and culture of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

W.H. McLeod Collection of Sikh Studies
This extensive collection contains nearly 2,000 volumes, in Punjabi and English, on Sikh religion, art, history, literature, society, and culture.