African American Life and Culture
Print and electronic resources highlighting the pivotal sociological, literary, and artistic achievements of people of African descent in America.
Air Quality and Climate Change
Resources related to air quality modeling, air pollution emissions, chemical process, and air remediation, and climate change, including statistical physics.
Citrus and Subtropical Fruits
Unique resources on the horticulture, agronomy, and production of citrus, dates, avocados, and more. Emphasis on crop genetics, pest management, disease control, and nematology.
Crop Plant Pathology and Nematology
Collections on microbial pathogenesis, fundamental cellular and molecular microbiology, evolution, genomics, ecology, and public health.
Earthquake Processes, Geophysics & Tectonics
Data sets, topographic and thematic maps, a GIS lab, journals, and databases to support observational modeling and research on geological processes.
Insects, Integrated Pest Management & Biocontrol
Resources on insect physiology, behavior, pest management, semiochemicals, and more. Focus on honey bees, ticks, ants, mosquitos, and pests of subtropical crops.
Materials Science
Proceedings, monographs, databases, and numerical and graphical data on nanoscale materials, biomaterials, bio-inspired materials and more.
Medical Education
Electronic journals, databases, clinical decision aids, and books on medical ethics, cultural competency, and medical humanities.
Patents and Trademarks Collection
Patent models, patent and trademark gazettes, and guides to patent information through the Patent and Trademark Resource Center.
Photograph of Colorado River, Blue Canyon
This collection documents water related issues in California, the United States, and beyond. Includes technical reports, publications, historical and aerial photographs, maps, and archival collections.
Water Studies
Extensive and unique resources on water quality, ecology, hydroelectric power, and new technologies to increase water supply and efficiency.