Photo Shoots in the Library

Please submit your request to do a photo shoot (e.g. graduation / senior portraits) inside Orbach Library or Rivera Library at least 48 hours in advance, to allow sufficient time for leadership to review your request.

You can expect a response from library staff within two business days.

  • When you arrive, let the library Circulation / Reserves (front)  desk staff know where you will be taking pictures.
  • You must have explicit written permission to take photos of any person in the library, other than members of your party. Always re-frame your shots as needed to protect the privacy of others.
  • Minimize disruptions to library patrons as much as possible.
    • Remind your photographer that this is a library and not a studio, so he/she must direct your shots quietly.
    • Be respectful of patrons who are studying.
    • Choose less populated locations for shooting.
    • Minimize the use of flash as much as possible when patrons are present.
  • Do not use any liquids/sprays, glitter, confetti, or other props in your photos that could either damage library materials or leave a mess behind when you are finished shooting.
  • Any props you bring with you for the shoot must be taken with you when you leave (balloons, cap and gown, etc.). Never leave your props unattended.
  • There is no portrait photography allowed in the Costo Reading Room or in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Let the library Circulation / Reserves (front) desk staff know when you have finished taking photos and are leaving.
  • If you post your photos on social media, please tag us @ucrlibrary and use the hashtag #ucrlibrary

If approved, we will get back to you within two business days and let library staff know that your group has permission to take portraits on property.