Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy is one of the world's largest, richest, and deepest collections of science fiction, fantasy, horror, utopian literature and related genres. The collection originated with the personal library of Dr. J. Lloyd Eaton, consisting of about 7,500 hardback editions of science fiction, fantasy and horror from the Nineteenth to the mid-Twentieth centuries, which was acquired by the UCR Library in 1969.

As the collection has grown, it has become a major resource for research in all aspects of speculative fiction and is visited by scholars from around the world.

The collection contains more than 300,000 items, including:

  • More than 100,000 hardback and paperback books
  • Complete runs of many pulp magazines
  • Nearly 100,000 fanzines
  • Associated literary collections of more than 30 science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors
  • Film and visual materials, including 500 shooting scripts from science fiction films
  • Thousands of comic books, anime, and manga
  • Collectible ephemera and realia, including cards, posters, pins and action figures



About J. Lloyd Eaton

J. Lloyd Eaton was born in Berkeley, CA in 1902. He attended UC Berkeley, then UC Medical School, and received his MD in 1928. Eaton specialized in pulmonology (diseases of the lungs) and practiced medicine in the Bay Area until his retirement in 1960. During his life, he was an avid book collector and one of the pioneering SF fans in Northern California. Dr. Eaton was personally acquainted with such writers as Anthony Boucher, Ray Bradbury and Robert A. Heinlein. He edited the fanzine Rhodomagnetic Digest.

Eaton Collection Sub-Areas