Finding and Evaluating Information

Search Library Databases

UCR Library provides access to hundreds of databases across all disciplines. You can search for articles within them by author or topic and narrow down the results by using a number of criteria. Many databases have images, music, videos and other materials in addition to articles.

Most databases provide access or links to the full-text of articles - just click "view online," "PDF," or "UC e-Links."

Some databases are specialized by topic, time period, or source; others offer particular formats, such as newspapers, images or datasets. You might be surprised how specific some of the databases are! Check your subject guide to see which databases are recommended for your discipline. You can also try general databases like Academic Search Complete or Web of Science, which contain records for millions of articles in all disciplines.

To create a subset of databases tailored to your needs, filter using the dropdown boxes along the top of the A-Z Databases page.

Browse Disciplinary Subject Guides

The library offers many subject guides prepared by library staff. The guides are updated periodically with resources for specific subject areas. Subject guides may include:

  • Where to find books and articles
  • Databases
  • Journals
  • Quick reference resources
  • Specialized resources
  • Tools and tutorials
  • Related information
  • Library contacts
Patent and Trademark Services

A Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) assists inventors with finding information needed to protect their intellectual property.