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Located in: Orbach Science Library, Special Collections & University Archives

As a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC), we provide resources for trademark, patent, and intellectual property research.

Our extensive collection of historical patent and trademark gazettes depict 19th and 20th century design drawings, trade logos, and trade names. A collection of plant patents from 2008-present holds colored plates for botanists, plant breeders, and growers to examine distinct features of new, asexually reproduced plant varieties. Patent models from the late 19th century representing water transportation inventions is part of the Water Resources Collections & Archives.

Patent Examiners Search Tools, Patent Public Search, is openly accessible through any web browser with internet access. Orbach Science Library provides access (on-site only) to Derwent Innovations Index, the premier resource for patent family information and patent translations for U.S. and international patents back to 1963. Full text access to more than 200 patents by UCR inventors are in the UC Library Search. Books and manuals complement the collection, including step-by-step guides on how to “patent it yourself”, licensing a patent, or in-depth books on intellectual property law.

Free guides to general patent information, filing a utility patent, filing a trademark, and filing a provisional patent application, provided by the US Patent and Trademark Office, are available at the Orbach Science Library research services desk.

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