There are a number of known challenges with installing and using the GlobalConnect VPN. The below list represents the most common issues and their solutions. Still having trouble installing or using the GlobalProtect VPN? If your issue is not answered here, please contact BearHelp for assistance.

VPN Authentication Errors

If you receive an authentication error message, the problem can often be solved by resetting your UCR Net ID password.

Please go to: to reset your UCR Net ID password and save it. (Note: Do not use special characters at the end of your new password).

You should now be able to get into the Global Protect VPN site. Detailed instructions for resetting your password can be found in the following Knowledgebase Article (KB0011610). Students without an R’Card Collapse

If you did not get an R’Card, you won’t be able to access Library online resources. Please visit the UCR Card Services page and submit an R’Card request.

VPN Installation Problems

Most installation problems can be solved by reviewing the instructions in the following Knowledgebase article (KB0011142). It covers installation for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems.

If you still can’t install the VPN client after following the instructions, please submit a BearHelp ticket.

Mac “Still Connecting” issue

This is usually fixed by checking the GlobalProtect VPN App in your security settings. Open your System preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Click the lock in the bottom left to make changes then click Allow next to the Palo Alto Prompt at the bottom. After a few minutes, the App should prompt for a Netid and password- If it doesn't, click the globe on the Apple bar on the top.

Mac “Certificate Error”

GlobalProtect VPN requires that you have OS version 10.13 or later to run properly. Please check your Operating System version and be sure it is updated to at least version 10.13. If it is 10.12 or below, you will need to upgrade to the newer version before you can run the GlobalProtect VPN.

Windows Select Your System Type

If you are unsure which installer to download please go to: How to determine if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU