Shannon Castro is our new Senior Director of Development

Shannon is the UCR Library's new Senior Director of Development.

Finals Week Stress Relief is Back!

Join the UCR Library and partners Monday, December 4 - Thursday, December 14 for giveaways, contests, therapy fluffies (therapy dogs), finals tutoring, and more!

Celebrating 50 Years of the Women's Resource Center

A new exhibit is on display in the Tomás Rivera Library that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Women's Resource Center.

Native American Heritage Month Digital Collection

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with our digital collection!

ACRL Spotlight: Janet Reyes

Janet Reyes, Geospatial Information Librarian, is the ACRL Member of the Week for October 30, 2023.

Creat’R Lab Staff Deliver Keynote on 3D Printing Revolution

This year’s MSC Training Symposium took place April 4-7, 2023, and included the UCR Library’s Brendon Wheeler and Alvaro Alvarez.

Join us Nov. 3 for our #AskAConservatorDay Q&A

Are you curious about the secrets of preserving priceless artworks, artifacts, and historical treasures? If you have burning questions about the fascinating world of art conservation, you're in for a treat! The UCR Library's Conservator, Christina Bean, is thrilled to...

Horror & Magic Digital Collection

We've curated a digital collection of spooky, fantastic, and thrilling books just for you! This collection includes ebooks from authors like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and more! UCR students, faculty, and staff can read these digital books for free from...

Pop-Up Exhibit: Banned Books Unleashed

Libraries around the United States have been faced with an unprecedented surge in attempted book bans. At the UCR Library, we not only reject such efforts to ban books, we see it as our solemn responsibility to make the diverse...

Fall Quarter 2023 Workshops and Meetups

The UCR Library offers a variety of free workshops and meetups every quarter. Check out what the Library is offering during fall quarter 2023 below. If you're interested, head over to the UCR Library's Eventbrite page or click the individual...