Photoshopped: The Art of Early Photo Manipulation

View the exhibition April 7 - June 10 on the 4th floor of the Rivera Library in Special Collections & University Archives.

Although Adobe Photoshop was not invented until 1987, people have been "photoshopping" their images by hand as early as the 1800's. This art, known as photo manipulation, includes techniques to alter both the physical form and the printed appearance of a photograph. Such techniques are still popular today, as demonstrated by the countless editing filters, apps, and websites available. From simple edits (like sharpening an image) to artistic alterations (like hand-coloring), early photo manipulation made it possible for anyone to enhance the power and impact of a photograph. In this exhibition, we explore examples of early 1900's photo manipulation drawn from UC Riverside's Special Collections & University Archives.

View Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.