Graduate Mobile Cart Reservation Policy

You are responsible for any belongings you choose to leave in the Moby.

ALL library materials stored in a Moby must be checked out to the occupant. Library staff frequently check Moby carts and will remove any items that are not checked out.

Do not leave any food or drinks inside of the Moby.

During our monthly checks, if we find that the Moby is not being used, we may reevaluate your assignment to allow other students on the waitlist an opportunity to use the space.

Loss of the key will result in a key replacement charge of $15, payable through your online library account.

You are responsible for responding to email communication from the UCR Library. Failure to respond may result in reevaluation of your Moby privileges.

All Moby carts must be vacated, and keys returned to the Circulation/Reserve Desk by the end of instruction during the Spring Quarter. After the return, Moby's will be inspected for damage. If damage has occurred, the cost to the holder of the Moby will be determined based upon cost of the repair(s).

If the key is not returned by the due date, materials will be removed, and personal items sent to the lost and found. The Moby user will then be charged a re-coring fee of $15.

Due to exceptionally high demand, we cannot guarantee renewal of Moby cart assignments. At the end of your Moby assignment, you may place a new request. 

Please report any issues you have with your Moby to the Rivera Circulation/Reserves Desk or email us at