The Maker movement comes to UC Riverside

The Creat’R Faire kicked off UC Riverside’s inaugural Maker Week, which ran from Monday, April 15 to Thursday, April 18, 2019.

Maker Week highlighted making on campus and introduced students to making-related opportunities in the Creat’R Lab, according to Brianna Marshall, UCR Library’s Director of Research Services.

Creat’R Lab student employees and career staff also demonstrated some of the tools and technology that the lab possesses, including the 3D printer and the new laser engraving machine.

“It was definitely a successful event,” Marshall said.

Several student organizations showcased their Creat’R Lab projects on the Orbach Library lawn, including Skyteam (Drone Project), I-Corps: Office of Technology Partnerships / Office of Research and Economic Development (RED), Cosplay Brigade, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Gamespawn.

Activities throughout Maker Week included student-led introductory-level workshops in the Creat’R Lab on topics such as button making, costume making, origami, crocheting, Cricut for collage making, Perler beads, 3D scanning, and designing 3D objects with Tinkercad.

“We want Maker Week to be as student-driven as possible, so interested students and student organizations should reach out to us to see how they can get involved with our 2020 Maker Week and Creat’R Faire.”