UCR Library 2021 wrap-up

2021 was a year filled with innovation and creativity for the UCR Library, and it is with great pride that we share some of our 2021 highlights and accomplishments.  

One of the library’s highest priority projects in 2021 was the summer launch of UC Library Search. UC Library Search is a discovery and borrowing system that connects the libraries of all 10 University of California campuses. UCR Library staff collaborated with every UC campus over four years to achieve this unified search tool and spent countless hours working on the transition from Melvyl and the previous UCR Library catalog, to the new UC-wide system.  

Patrons can now use this robust and cohesive discovery tool to find resources at UC Riverside and all other UC campus libraries, plus collections from beyond the UC system. For the UCR Library, the unified search system provides powerful analytic tools that will allow us to make data-driven decisions around future collection strategy and to shape new library services around our patron's needs.  

The UCR Library also launched its first drive-up book return in spring 2021. Spurred by the desire of students and faculty for a book drop-off on the west side of campus, the drive-up book return, located in Lot 1, provides a user-friendly and simple way for all UCR faculty, students, and staff to return library materials without the need to park.  

Another highlight was the publication of the UCR Library annual report, the first report of its kind for the library. Titled “Impact: A 2013-2019 Retrospective”, this report details the library’s efforts to support scholars, students, and staff at UCR from 2013-2019. The UCR community can now expect yearly library annual reports. 

In fall 2021, library staff quickly pivoted from remote-only offerings to once again serving the UCR community in person—incorporating COVID-safety measures to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. The reopening of the library meant a return to in-person events for programming like Finals Week Stress Relief (FWSR). In person activities for FWSR: Fall 2021 included therapy dogs to help students relax, food and snack giveaways, and a spin it to win it event.  

These are just a few of the UCR Library’s 2021 highlights and accomplishments. With 2022 well underway, the UCR Library is excited for the rest of this year which will include more in-person events and exhibits, the release of the 2020 UCR Library annual report, additional library staff coming onboard, and more.