Creat’R Lab Staff Deliver Keynote on 3D Printing Revolution

This year’s MSC Training Symposium took place April 4-7, 2023, and included the UCR Library’s Brendon Wheeler and Alvaro Alvarez.

The annual Measurement Science Conference (MSC) Training Symposium offers attendees a unique opportunity to delve into the world of metrology and explore the latest advancements in measurement technologies through seminars, workshops, training tutorials, and more.  

Brendon Wheeler, our Maker Services Coordinator, and Alvaro Alvarez, our Innovative Media Librarian, took center stage as the keynote speakers, captivating attendees with their insights about the world of 3D printing. 

Brendon and Alvaro work regularly with 3D printers in UCR’s Makerspace, the Creat’R Lab, and were contacted by conference organizers to highlight the importance of precise measurements when employing 3D printing technology. 

Their speech, titled 3D Printing Revolution, showcased examples like Wilson Sporting Goods employing 3D printing to create basketballs and 3D printing being used to create homes — groundbreaking applications that underscore the importance of precision in 3D printing. 

Following their talk, Alvaro remarked, "Right after the speech, people came up to us from different areas of manufacturing to tell us how much they liked our presentation."  

Brendon reflected on the experience, saying, "It was great to tell people in other fields how people are using this technology." Alvaro agreed and added, "I loved talking about 3D printing and how this technology can impact the world" 

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