Mastering Medical Information: The Role of AHIP in Medical Librarianship

Our Medical Education and Clinical Outreach Librarian Elisa Cortez is a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).

The Academy of Health Information Professionals is an arm of the Medical Library Association (MLA), dedicated to advancing the field of health information management. AHIP recognizes the professional achievements and expertise of health information professionals through a comprehensive credentialing program.

AHIP's credentialing program is designed to ensure that health information professionals are not only competent but also continuously advancing in their field. This is particularly vital in the health and medical sector, where the accuracy and timeliness of information can have profound implications.

Our Medical Education and Clinical Outreach Librarian Elisa Cortez is a member of AHIP, and her membership was recently renewed at the Distinguished level — the highest level membership you can achieve.

“I like that AHIP encourages lifelong learning,” Elisa said. “An AHIP membership is a recognition of your efforts and lets employers and those you work with know you’re well prepared to do your job.”

Distinguished level membership requires candidates to have at least ten years of full-time professional experience, demonstrating a long-term commitment to the field.

Additionally, candidates must complete a minimum of 120 points of professional accomplishments, which includes a strong emphasis on continuing education to keep up-to-date on the latest developments and practices in health information. 10 of these points must be earned through active participation in professional associations, with a minimum of 5 points derived from activities specifically associated with the MLA. This requirement underscores the importance of engaging with the broader professional community and contributing to the field of health information.

Elisa’s Distinguished level membership embodies the UCR Library’s dedication to offering the highest standard of health information services. It's a journey of continuous learning and leadership, benefiting our entire medical school community.