Improvements Underway in Rivera Library

This summer, the Tomás Rivera Library is undergoing a few construction projects. While these projects mean temporary section closures, the improvements will make a big difference.

Rivera 2nd Floor Unit 1

2nd floor Unit 1, the section closest to the bell tower, is closed Monday, June 17 until Monday, July 8 as we remove the old shelving in this area and bring in new shelving from the basement. This shelving work will be complete by July 8. Later this year, we will be relocating the graduate student carrels to this area, maintaining a quiet and focused environment for graduate students with the added comfort of new furniture and flooring.

There will also be work on another project in this area starting July 1 through July 10 in room A0217. We are creating a Digitization Lab here and will be replacing the windows during this time frame. The current windows have small gaps that allow outside air inside. The new windows will be airtight and weatherproof and will also provide heat resistance and UV protection.  All work will be completed from inside room A0217 and out through the windows to the North Courtyard. The North Courtyard will be closed off from July 1 through July 10.

Rivera Basement 

The Rivera basement is closed until Sunday, September 15 as we build a space for Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) materials. This project involves moving the current shelving to the 2nd floor. Then, we’ll install specialized archival shelving and demountable walls to house these materials. Don’t worry, even with these changes, we’ll be keeping the same amount of study space in the basement as before—no study areas are being taken away.

Along with the above, we have a few more construction projects happening you may already know about.

  • Rivera Unit 1: An HVAC upgrade for Rivera Unit 1, the north side of the library, is underway. As a result of this work, there will be no air conditioning in the north wing for the duration of the project—until at least September 2024. 
  • Rivera 4th Floor: We’re updating the fire suppression system on the 4th floor of the Rivera Library. SCUA, located on the 4th floor, will be accessible via appointment only until at least fall quarter 2024. 
  • Orbach 3rd Floor: The 3rd floor of the Orbach Library is closed in preparation for roof work until further notice.

These upgrades are all about enhancing our library's infrastructure and improving your experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these construction periods. We’re excited to show you the improved spaces soon. Stay tuned for more updates!