UCR Library provides access to a wide variety of maps, atlases, aerial photos, and geographic data.


We hold historical, thematic and road maps, as well as atlases. Our United States Geological Survey (USGS) topographic maps come in various scales for the entire U.S. Geological maps can also be found online through the U.S. Geological Publications Warehouse or the California Geological Survey.

Many maps are cataloged in UC Library Search and the WorldCat Discovery. Search using the type of map and the geographic area (e.g. quadrangle name) as keywords and modify your search to limit to maps.

We also hold captured German and Japanese maps from the World War II era. For questions about our collections of maps please contact Janet Reyes

Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) make maps come to life by storing, analyzing, and relating spatial and geographical information. To support GIS, we provide ArcGIS software on computers in the Orbach Science Library Geospatial Resources section and Learning Commons computers, as well as Learning Commons computers in Rivera Library. We can help you identify, obtain, and organize data sets for your research - email us at dataconsult-lib@ucr.edu.

Some GIS data resources include:

  • Open Data, open GIS data sets produced and housed by government agencies, spanning from city to federal level.
  • County of Riverside Open Data, which includes geocoded data from several county departments such as Social Services, Public Protection, Public Services, and Economic Development.
  • County of Riverside GIS Data, providing countywide GIS data available in Geodatabase format.
  • State of California Geoportal, providing access by topic category to California's geographic data portfolio.
  • National Atlas Map Layers, a product of the US Geological Survey, this site provides small-scale datasets of the United States.
  • Census Bureau Maps and Data Resource, providing access to census and reference maps, and geographic data files, including a census geocoder allowing for geocoding of addresses in batches of 1000.