Curriculum materials include manipulatives, videos, kits, and posters for educators to use in classrooms.

Curriculum materials are designed for educator’s use in K-12 classrooms and include:

  • Textbooks
  • Children’s and young adult books
  • Lesson plan idea books
  • Manipulatives
  • Video and Audio Materials
  • Puppets
  • Kits and games
  • Posters and prints

Curriculum materials may be checked out of the Library and are located in the basement of the Rivera Library.

Curriculum materials may be identified with a UC Library Search search limited by Location to any locations beginning with the word “Education”, as in the screen shot below:

(i.e., Education Hanging Bag, Education Juvenile, Education Juvenile Big Book, Education Media, Education Oversize)

It may also be helpful to:

  • Scope the search to “Library Catalog” rather than “Everything.”
  • Select “Rivera Library” under the Library limiter on the left side of your results.

Tests and Assessments

A small collection of educational and psychological tests, primarily supporting the School Psychology program, is available.  This collection is for educational purposes only, such as teaching students to administer these tests.  Tests for use in research studies should be obtained elsewhere.

A small number of the tests are findable in the UCR Library Catalog:

A list of the remaining tests is available here

Items in the test collection may only be viewed or checked out of the library for a two-week period by students who have permission from a faculty member in the Graduate School of Education. 

If you need to view or check out any item in the test collection, please contact the Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator, Christopher Martone, for an appointment at 951-827-3715 or  Faculty members should contact Christopher Martone with the names of students who have their permission to use the collection.

Questions About These Materials?

Come to the information desk on the first floor of Rivera Library or Ask Us.