Instructional Support

The UCR Library is committed to providing and supporting information literacy and research instruction for the entire campus community. 

The Teaching & Learning Department centers our work around student success:

  • We encourage curiosity and lifelong learning.
  • We aim to identify, develop, and teach resources and tools to help learners thrive in their research-focused coursework.
  • Our methods are grounded in evidence-based best practices in response to changing learner needs and learning environments.
  • We strive to be reflective in our learner-centered pedagogical approaches, and encourage and support creative approaches to teaching information literacy.

Our suite of services is evolving, but we currently offer:

Course-related Instruction Sessions

We can work with you to provide course-integrated information literacy instruction in your classroom or a library computer lab, focused on the skills and tools needed for a specific research assignment.

Learning Modules

We offer a self-paced tutorial with skill-building modules for undergraduate first-year students. Supports a hybrid approach to library instruction sessions. Please contact Teaching & Learning Services.


Consult with the Teaching Librarians to determine the appropriate library instruction or workshop for your course needs.

Library Guides

We can design course research guides to steer students toward specific resources and tools that are most appropriate for your course needs.