The UCR Library is committed to information literacy and research instruction for the entire campus community.  We offer all the services below, plus tailored services to fit your needs! 

Course-related Instruction Sessions

Create course-integrated information literacy instruction in your classroom or within a library computer lab while students are working on research assignments and are most motivated to learn.

iLearn Learning Modules - Library Academy

Self-paced tutorial features lessons and skill building modules for undergraduate first year students. Also supports a hybrid approach to library instruction sessions.


Consult with librarians and subject specialists to determine the appropriate library instruction or workshop for your course needs.

Instructional Design

Create engaging research assignments and learning activities that introduce students to the research process and a variety of information sources while learning course content. Map where information literacy is addressed in your curriculum (to inform curriculum design or meet external review requirements) and develop research topics that increase the effectiveness of information literacy instruction for your class.

Library Guides

Design topic or course guides with librarians to identify appropriate resources and research methods.


Develop information literacy assessment activities or rubrics to help measure course success.