The UCR Library collects resources in political science and all subsidiary disciplines supporting both coursework and research conducted by our students and faculty. We offer subject-specific and general research educational services at the library and provide access to information from the UC Libraries System and beyond.

Conducting Research

Books & Articles

Books are useful for getting a broad introduction or background information for topics in political science. Search by topic keywords in the UCR catalog or the Melvyl (UC) catalog.

Scholarly articles are carefully evaluated (peer-reviewed) by subject experts to provide reliable and credible information. Locate political science articles by searching the political science databases. The most popular databases are listed on this page.


Many political science journals are found electronically and can be browsed in the UC Journal finder. Use the UCR catalog to find journals on campus.

Specialized Resources

Encyclopedias such as the Encyclopedia of Political Theory are useful for getting a general overview of the history of international and domestic political theory.

Dissertations and these are useful to see what research has been done in your field, and to see bibliographies of research. Check out UCR Political Science Dissertations  to see what graduates of the program at UCR have written. 

Quick Reference