The UCR Library supports the School of Medicine’s students, faculty, and staff through providing access to information resources and subject librarian education services. Please see the topic guides on the right for specialty information related to your user group.

Conducting Research

Background Resources

Background questions are foundation questions that improve the understanding of a topic. Who, what, why, when, where, and how of a condition. Example: what is the cause of anemia?

  • Medline Plus - A National Library of Medicine portal to health information.
  • Access Medicine - Cross searchable multi-disciplinary clinical and basic science text. Includes multi-media, drug information, and a differential diagnosis tool.
  • LWW Health Library - Basic Science - Cross-searchable core basic sciences collection including many of your core text books.  Includes Bates guide to the physical exam book and Bates videos.
  • R2 Digital Library - Cross searchable, expanding medical E-book collection.
  • Thieme eBook Library - Downloadable full color E-book collection developed for the core clinical and basic science medical curriculum.

Synthesized Resources

Synthesized resources attempt to combine all available evidence about a specific defined question.  These may be treatment(s), diagnostic procedures, and preventative care, risk, or etiology questions.

  • The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - International collaboration aiming to produce high quality systematic reviews and meta-analysis to inform health care. One of six databases that form the Cochrane Library.

Synopses Resources

Synopses resources summarize either individual primary research or synthesized research into pragmatic Point of Care tools and easy to use short summaries.

  • ACP Journal Club - Summarizes the best new clinical evidence for internal medicine from over 130 clinical journals.
  • DynaMed- Point of Care clinical decision support tool. Mobile App available. View our guide for mobile access.
  • Micromedex - Comprehensive pharmacology-centered database that includes disease, drug and toxicology information along with tools such as drug interactions and alternative medicine
  • UpToDate - Clinical Decision Support Tool. Includes extensive summaries in 22 specialties and Lexicomp drug information. Available on-campus only.
  • TripPRO - Turning Research Into Practice: search for high-quality clinical research evidence.

Primary Original Research

Synthesized information and summaries will often be your starting point, when one is available for the specific individual or population clinical question.  When you need information outside of these areas such as with new drugs, comorbidities, or rare conditions, primary, individual studies will need to be evaluated.

  • PubMed@UCR - The premier free biomedical database hosted by the National Library of Medicine. To search Medline using OVID:
  • CENTRAL [Cochrane]-Bibliographic database of controlled clinical trials. One of 6 databases that make up The Cochrane Library.
  • Web of Science - Multidisciplinary database that includes grey literature and citation analysis.
  • PsycINFO - Interdisciplinary citations and abstracts of the worldwide behavioral and social science research and literature.